Looking for a bargain? Due to the technical aspects of production and printing our own fabric we occasionally have fabric that has been misprinted or has defects in the print. These fabrics are still of quality in regards to the UV treatment and water resistance but there are issues with the actual print quality (color or markings). These fabric are suitable for home use to recover furniture, chairs, make wall hangings or even make your own cushions. If the fabric is considered "TOO BAD" we simply would not sell. 

The prices are indicative of the imperfection - the worse the imperfection the lower the price.

Glamour Seconds $25/m Bliss Seconds $25/m Fairy Seconds $25/m
Allure Seconds $25/m Soul Seconds $25/m Plain Yellow Seconds $20/m
Black and White Seconds $35/m Spark Seconds $25/m