Our Fabrics

It is a common misconception that you can leave outdoor fabric exposed to the elements and they will last long term... this is simply not the case. Outdoor fabrics are classified simply because they are more durable and will last longer than standard fabrics outdoors.

We manufacture using 3 different fabrics - these are detailed below.


The hardest wearing fabric for outdoor use. Being 100% polyester mean our prints will be brighter with this fabric. 340gsm white base polyester. This is our original fabric and feels very much like an outdoor fabric.


A 340 gsm white base polyester cotton mix. This fabric has a cotton/linen feel and would be considered a premium fabric. Suitable for covered outdoor areas and also great for indoor use. This fabric will not print as "bright" as 100% polyester fabric due to the cotton component. A personal favorite it has a more contemporary feel and great for both indoor and outdoor use. 


Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This fabric is a PLUSH Feel Premium Quality 100% Polyester Fabric. Being 100% Polyester enables us to print bright colours. This is a soft feeling plush fabric and would be suitable for any indoor area including bedrooms.


1. Can i use your fabrics outdoors? The simple answer is yes. All of our fabrics are sourced as outdoor fabrics but this does not mean they can be exposed to the sun. They are all premium outdoor fabrics but we recommend only using them in covered outdoor areas.

2. Are your covers UV treated? We do UV treat some of the covers. We used to UV treat ALL of our covers but found that the treatments would only last a short period of time. We prefer to simply tell our customers to not expose covers to the sun on an ongoing basis.

3. Why do you not treat all covers? Our business is built on creating a large number of designs and continually introducing new designs. To undertake UV treatment requires a large volume of prints per design... this would limit how many designs we could offer our customers. We were also disappointed in the time frame the UV treatment would last (approx 200 hrs). We decided to introduce more designs and keep creating new collections and simply educate people to not use their cushions in direct sun on an ongoing basis. Having said that we do UV treat on occassion so read product descriptions for more information.