Buying anything online can be challenging at the best of times. Trying to buy cushion covers that complement can be a nightmare. It is impossible to display exact colors as every computer monitor/smartphone has different monitor/screen settings.  Having said that, choosing cushions is a personal thing. There is no right and wrong, cushions are meant to contrast as well as complement your existing space. Below are some guidelines that will help you choose cushion covers on our website. IMPORTANT: Before you finalize your order. Please take time to check sizing. 60cm x 60cm are LARGE cushions! 45cm x 45cm are standard size cushions.


  • Choose your favorite design… you need to start somewhere. Check it will complement (not blend) with the area you are purchasing for by referring to the Design Wheel. If your current outdoor area has a lot of green, look at reds/oranges/purples/blues.
  • Look at the photos for for the chosen design. These are our the suggested best matches for the designs
  • If you do not like the suggested related designs, is there a plainer cushion you could use to complement. Remember trying to match colors is a risky choice, try and choose a complementary color using Design Wheel.
  • If you still have no success with your choice, you have the option of purchasing multiple of the one design you like. There are many designs that are difficult to match and therefore may not have related designs, for these we recommend using multiple of that 1 design for impact. A single cushion can also make impact.
  • Remember if you use 1 design only, having 2 different sizes can also great impact. If you are purchasing multiple items, consider purchasing the design in 60cm and 45cm. Size can also create impact.

Please read below for more detailed explanations.


Cushions are meant to contrast so stripes and spots, blues and greens, all the so called “design rules” can be ignored when purchasing cushions. If purchasing multiple cushions, we suggest combining stripes, floral’s, paisley’s and prints.


Do not try and combine same patterns such as stripes, spots, floral’s. It is best to combine a floral with a paisley/stripe/spot or pattern. It is best to combine a stripe with a spot/paisley/floral etc (not with another stripe).


As a general rule, dirty tones match best with dirty tones, bright’s with bright’s, pastels with pastels etc. If you stick to this rule alone you are on a winning combination.

It is difficult to tell online which category a particular cover will fall into (plus its slightly personal). This is why we have recommended matches. Every design will have a related design listed. If you use these guidelines you will not make a mistake with color tones.


Forget trying to find a red cushion to match a red lounge! You are asking for trouble. I recommend a complementary color such as blue, green, yellow. Never try to match to existing décor. There are hundreds of different shades of each color all with different base colors…. Its impossible to try and match, especially online. Remember cushions are meant to contrast to bring life and impact to an area, not blend in.

Below is suggested complementary colors, if your living area is yellow we suggest using purple tones for impact. A red room use greens or blues etc. Use the diagram below to give you an idea where to start.


We have many Themes on our website that would look great with 5 or 6 varying designs, some Themes look best with a combination of 2 different designs. Some designs look best when combined with a plain cushion. There is no right or wrong, you can create an amazing impact with a single design. I have seen a room with 10 x Majestic (mixture of 60cm and 45cm) over a white lounge. The impact was amazing.