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  • QUESTION: A design I wanted is no longer available?

We process hundreds of orders per week, there is no guarantee that an item will still be available if you wait. We generally print hundreds of pieces for each design but sometimes these sell out fast. We recommend if there is a particular product/design you like that you purchase it when you can, chances are it won’t be available when you try to purchase in weeks to come. 

Please note that item stock is not deducted from website until purchase is made, even if you have an item in your shopping cart there are no guarantees it will still be available when you process your payment. 

  • QUESTION: Do you customise covers?

This is a service we will be providing from March 2016. Please email us at for further information.

  • QUESTION: Does the price of the cushion cover include the inner?

No. The price is for the cushion cover only.

  • QUESTION: Can the cushion covers be used indoors?

Yes the fabric is beautiful enough to use indoors. Any of our customers use the cushions in lounge rooms, living areas and bedrooms.

  • QUESTION: Can the cushion covers be left in the sun and rain?

The cushion covers are fade and water resistant which means they will perform better than most other fabrics in full weather but will break down over time. We recommend to NOT leave in full weather on an ongoing basis. These cushion covers are fantastic for use on decks/patios/Bali huts and outdoor living area that receive limited sunlight or rain. They are also great to use indoors as the fabric is robust but soft enough for internal use.

We offer 2 ranges in our fabrics, standard and premium fabrics. Both fabrics are suitable for indoors or outdoors. Our premium range has undergone additional treatment for outdoor protection, we recommend using our premium range for cushions in areas of sunlight.

  • QUESTION: What is the difference between your Standard and Premium fabric?

Both fabrics are suitable for indoors and outdoor use. Our premium fabric has undergone additional treatment to extend the fabric life in outdoor use. This additional treatment is a UV treatment for fade resistance. The additional treatment does not affect the feel of the fabric, both standard and premium fabrics will feel the same.

  • QUESTION: What is the fabric?

The fabric is a polyester canvas.

  • QUESTION: What does mould resistant mean?

Mould resistant means the fabric has undergone treatment that helps prevent mould BUT it does not mean the fabric is completely resistant. Just like water and fade resistant - it means the fabric is harder wearing and will take longer to break down, fade or attract mould but it does not prevent these issues occurring. It is impossible to prevent mould from growing on a fabric that is exposed to mould or left damp.. even the most expensive fabrics will attract mould in "mouldy" conditions. 

  • QUESTIONS: How can the cushions be considered OUTDOORS if they will fade, break-down and get mouldy?

Our cushions have undergone treatment to increase their life expectancy outdoors. This means the fabric is hard wearing, will take longer to fade etc than a standard fabric. Its a misconception that outdoors products can be left in full weather and expect to look as good in 2 year time (for example). Even most outdoor furniture cannot be left in sun without breaking down.

  • QUESTION: I have only had my cushion cover for 6 weeks and its faded, what do i do?

Standard cushions: Our cushions are designed for outdoors but this does not mean they can be left exposed to the sun for periods of time. In fact the process recommended only up to 500 hours. No fabric is designed to be exposed to weather on a full time basis without breaking down and fading. 

Our cushions are great for outdoors, filtered light and exposure to slight rain. The fabric is designed for outdoors, the fabric will last longer than other non treated fabrics but not for permanent exposure to rain and sun.

Premium cushions: Our premium cushions have undergone additional treatments to assist with exposure to outdoors. We still do not recommend leaving in full weather conditions. If you have a cushion cover that has faded within a short period of time please contact us via email

  • QUESTION: How true are the colours of the cushion covers?

Buying anything online can be challenging at the best of times. You need to consider that it is impossible to show exact colour tones online as every computer monitor/smartphone has different monitor/screen settings. Please be aware we offer best photos to show true colour tones and sticking with our suggested related items and themes is the best option for colour matches (covers that complement each other).

  • QUESTION: Can the cushion covers be used indoors?

At Sunburst Outdoor Living, we have a firm belief that outdoor lounge cushions can be durable but comfortable at the same time. In fact, almost half of our customers purchase these covers to use indoors due to their long lasting soft fabric. Although our standard $22 covers are highly durable, we also offer premium, hard-wearing covers at $59 that are treated for an even longer lifetime when used in an outside area.

  • QUESTION: Why cant they be left in the full sun if they are outdoor cushion covers?

Outdoor fabrics may be printed or solution-dyed. Printing is a process where the color and pattern is applied to the base fabric. In order to make the color sustain more hours in the sun before fading (which printed fabrics will ultimately do), we add ultraviolet stabilizers to the dye and/or treats the fabric after printing process. In general, these fabrics will look better longer if used in a covered area.

Another option for outdoor fabric is a solution dyed process. A solution-dyed fabric is the hardest wearing fabric for use outdoors.  In the solution dying process, yarns are dyed before the fabric is woven. The color is locked in, so to speak. Originally designed for the marine industry, solution dyed fabrics are the hardest wearing fabrics for exposure to full strong sun. Outdoor fabrics that are solution dyed will retain their color the longest and may be left in the sun and rain all season.

Due to our designs and unique styles it is not possible for us to provide solution dyed process, printing fabrics is the only way we can achieve our amazing designs


We have taken the time to source the best outdoor fabric available. All our products and fabrics are suitable for indoors and outdoor use, with our premium fabric undergoing additional treatments to protect against outdoor elements.

We DO NOT recommend leaving any of our products in full weather. Our products are great for use outdoors in patios, decks, Bali huts etc. Our products are great at withstanding a limited amount of sun exposure and light rain but the treatments will break down with exposure to the elements.  


  • QUESTION: I have 2 discount offers can I apply both?

Unfortunately we will only accept one discount offer at a time. We recommend applying the discount code with greater discount value. Sale items are considered a discount offer.


  • QUESTION: How much does shipping cost?

We offer a $15 flat rate shipping price Australia wide.

  • QUESTION: How long does it take to dispatch my order

We try to pack and ship orders within 24 business hours or receiving an order. If for any reason we are unable to process your order within 24 to 48 hours, you will be notified of delay via email.

  • QUESTION: How long does it take to receive my goods?

Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours of being placed. If there are any circumstances causing delay you will be notified via email. We ship via standard mail (not express) from Bribie Island, QLD. Most orders will be received within 7 days, remote areas may take slightly longer.

General time frames for delivery (once dispatched) are below: 


1 to 3 days


2 to 5 days


2 to 6 days


3 to 7 days


3 to 7 days


4 to 8 days


10 to 14 days

  • QUESTION: What if I require my order urgently?

If you would like us to Express ship your items to guarantee fast delivery you will need to email us at 

Additional shipping charges will apply.

  • QUESTION: Can I pick up my order to save shipping costs?

Yes, we have pick up facilities by appointment only. You must contact us via email to arrange a pick up time. We are based at Bribie Island, QLD. We do not have viewing facilities, all orders must be placed online.  

  • QUESTION: Do you ship overseas?

We will ship overseas if a special request is made. All items are shipped via Australia Post and will be insured and track-able online. Please note delivery times can take up to 3 weeks due to international shipping time frames, we have no control over these delays. Due to varying costs in different countries, customers are responsible for payment of imports, taxes and any other costs involved with receiving goods into your country.                                                                 


  • QUESTION: What is your exchange policy

We are happy to exchange items if you are not happy with your purchase as long as the items are unused. Items must be returned with 28 days of purchase. Used items will not be exchanged or refunded. 

  • QUESTION: How do I exchange my items.

We are happy to refund or exchange if you are unhappy with your purchase. Items must be returned unused.

For exchange please return to PO BOX 928 Bribie Island, QLD, 4507 within 28 days of delivery. Please include a note inside so staff know what to do with the returned items. Please include your details, and clear instructions on what items you would like to exchange for. If for any reason the chosen designs are no longer available once we receive your return items, a staff member will contact you to discuss options. We will invoice you for return shipping costs once items are received. Once payment is made we will return exchanged items. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

  • QUESTION: How do I return my items?

We are happy to refund or exchange if you are unhappy with your purchase. Items must be returned unused.

For a refund, please return to PO BOX 928, Bribie Island, 4507 within 28 days of delivery. Please include a note inside so staff know what to do with the return items. We only refund the costs of the goods, we do not refund shipping/handling charge. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

  • QUESTION: I need to exchange my items, how much will shipping cost?
  • Our flat rate shipping costs are $15.00
  • Please note: We do not negotiate on shipping costs.