Boutique Fabric for Indoors and Outdoors

Our Boutique style fabrics (sold by the meter) are printed in limited runs, many designs being discontinued after the first print run. If you are looking for an affordable way to create a unique look indoors or outside we have the fabric solution for you.
Current designs are listed below.
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Plain Colour Fabrics

Buy Decorative Fabric by the Metre for Outdoor Cushions and More

If you feel like you want to branch out and use some of our exclusive prints for your own creative purposes, you can buy upholstery fabric online and use it on more than just your cushions. This gives you even more versatility with your décor both inside and outside the home, and allows you to change up the theme when you think the space needs a new lease of life. To give you extra confidence, designs bought by the metre from our online fabric store are treated to the highest grade UV resistance so that they last even better when used outdoors while still suitable for indoor use. On top of that, the unique treatment we use has no impact on how it feels, allowing you to use prints from our online fabric store both indoors and outdoors without any concern over lack of comfort.