Tips to Using Scatter Cushions to Your Advantage

There are so many reasons to consider adding scatter cushions to your room design. These simple items can make a positive impact on your room design, adding texture and comfort that can also provide a visually appealing finish that you are looking to achieve.

Choose Colours Wisely

The first tip to take into consideration when it comes to choosing scatter cushions is to not fall into the trap of choosing the same colour cushions at the furniture item. You want your cushions to add a pop of colour and having them the same as the furniture is only going to leave you with scatter cushions which are drab and boring.

Consider Placement

The placement of these items is as important as your colour selection. You should have an idea of the final design you are looking to achieve, whether you are adding scatter cushions to your sofa or bed. Consider the layers and use different sizes and colours to create a design that is guaranteed to impress.

Number of Scatter Cushions

One of the most common questions asked is how many scatter cushions is too many? Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to their design, but remember that you can go overboard and the last thing you want is the area to become uncomfortable because you’re sitting in a sea of scatter cushions. Four or five cushions on a sofa is more than adequate, especially if you mix your sizes and colours to create a visual impact.

When it comes to the bed, you want to layer your design, but again it is very easy to go overboard, focus on around five cushions, two large, two medium and then a smaller one in front to complete the design.

Comfort is Important

The aim of scatter cushions is to create visual appeal, but at the same time the furniture item must remain comfortable and welcoming. Ensure the cushions you choose don’t overpower your furniture items and that you can sit with comfort, hugged by the cushions at all times.

Add Texture

One of the reasons that you may want to consider this type of item in your home is to add some texture. Scatter cushions come in a range of colours, patterns and materials, so you can add texture by choosing different materials which will create a visual wonderland in your room.