The Impact of Color

The colors you incorporate in your home make a significant difference. Many people aren’t aware of how a color can affect them mentally, from boosting creativity to soothing and calming their minds.

When it comes to using color in your interior design, it’s important to have an understanding of the main colors, enabling you to identify which colors are the best match for each room. This will reduce the risk of painting the walls with a stimulating and energizing color in the bedroom, which should enjoy the soothing and calming colors to help you sleep.


Adding red to a room is a physical color of courage, strength and energy. This color is stimulating and very powerful. While red makes a visible impact, you want to consider how much of the color to use to ensure that it isn’t too stimulating. A wonderfully warm color and ideal for adding splashes of color to your living space.


Blue is an intellectual color that shows trust, serenity and coolness. It is a soothing color, the perfect choice for your bedroom where you want to feel calm and relaxed. When designing any space, it’s important not to mix your reds and blues, they contrast too much. Think about the space you are designing and the mood you want to focus on and then start playing with your blues to find the right match that makes you feel relaxed, calm and at home.


Yellow is a very emotional color. It shows confidence, can make you feel happy and allows creativity to flow. This stimulating color is very strong, but choosing the right tone can lift your spirits on a daily basis. The perfect color for a bathroom or kitchen space.


Green is a peaceful, yet refreshing color. This color promotes balance and harmony. If you think about it the world is surrounded by green from the grass to the trees. It can help you create a balanced environment to your room, making you feel harmonious in your home.


Orange will help you feel comfortable warm and secure. In addition to this, this mix of yellow and red can promote passion and fun. It is a very stimulating color which is best kept for the living room, kitchen or bathroom space. Using splashes of orange can add a great visual element to a room.


So many people fall into the trap of using greys in their home, but be careful, because while grey is a neutral color, it has absolutely no psychological properties. In fact using too much grey can make a room feel depressing. If you choose grey furniture, ensure you add some colorful scatter cushions to brighten the mood in the room.