Are you looking to decorate an interior or exterior space, the right cushion can make a huge difference to the look, feel and atmosphere of a room.  Choosing the right cushions for your space can often be a difficult task.

One of the key elements to choosing the right cushions for your area is colour. Make sure you choose complementary colours and do not overwhelm an area in one specific colour. Best to pick a colour that is currently present in the area you are working with, take time to choose the best base colour to work from.  You can then choose a complementary colour to add depth, contrast and character to your choice. Adding cushion covers that contrast prevents your original colour from dominating the space and adds interest to the area.

Don’t forget to mix up shades, tones, textures and sizes of cushion covers to create interest. A common theme when purchasing covers is to choose a favourite print such as flower, animal, bird and then complement with a pattern such as stripes, spots or more elaborate print. Sunburst Outdoor Living has many suggested theme combinations online as a guide to most popular combinations.

Cushions are a powerful way of creating atmosphere and reflecting the family’s personality and style. Take your time to consider best colour combinations for your living areas. Make sure your cushions are not trying to compete for attention, but actually complementing what is already in your space.