Creating Happiness with Color

Is your home begging you to add some color? Cushions are a quick and affordable way to update any space and with Sunburst Outdoor Living the possibilities are endless. Mix and match designs from stripes to florals, damasks to patterns - we have a fabric to suit your style. Inject some happiness into your home, shop Sunburst Outdoor Living today!

Designer Outdoor Patio Chair Cushions in Australia

The most noticeable difference between covers for indoor and outdoor lounge cushions is the fabric that is used. Outdoor fabrics are often somewhat coarse, tough and durable to reduce wear and tear, while indoor designs tend to be more soft and gentle. Unfortunately, some designers make outdoor covers with a huge sacrifice on comfort by using a thicker polyester weave, resulting in an excessively firm and uncomfortable feel.


At Sunburst Outdoor Living, we have a firm belief that outdoor lounge cushions can be durable but comfortable at the same time. In fact, almost half of our customers purchase these covers to use indoors due to their long-lasting soft fabric. Although our standard $22 covers are highly durable, we also offer premium, hardwearing covers at $59 that are treated for an even longer lifetime when used in an outside area.


Before you jump the gun and pick a colour, consider what space in which you are thinking of placing it. To choose the right cover for a given room, avoid matching the colour with the immediate area — instead, try to match something else in the space while contrasting with closer objects. For example, red patio cushions are not suitable for red lounges as they do not contrast, while they might go perfectly with a red lampshade.

To make your life easier, we have complied our range in a variety of Themes to make mixing, matching and complementing your choices simple. From intimate floral designs to a relaxed beach theme, there is something to suit anyone’s tastes.

NOTE: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you stick to one theme when purchasing multiple patio cushions to ensure they all complement one another.


When it comes to outdoor chair cushions, your decision can make a huge difference in the overall feel and appearance of your patio or home interior. They are an easy but highly effective way of breathing new life into a space, giving you the versatility to match the seasons of the year, your personality or anything else. Just like a piece of artwork, some carefully chosen covers for patio cushions from our range could be the only thing you need to bring the whole area together. We even offer stylish bean bags if you feel like mixing it up with a relaxed atmosphere!


We stock two different sizes for most designs in our range. The standard size for outdoor chair cushions in Australia is 45x45cm, while we also offer 60x60cm designs that are popular for outdoor couch cushions and allow you to easily add a bit of variety. Size is purely down to personal preference, and it is increasingly common for decorators and interior designers to make use of multiple shapes and sizes in the one area. Inserts for both sizes are similar in cost and very easy to find.


Inserts should usually be of an equivalent or slightly larger size than the cover itself, however, this is open to personal preference and depends on whether you want firm and puffy or flatter and less full. The type of filling is also an important consideration when choosing an insert, as it can make an impact on your choice. Generally, polyester or foam fillings should be purchased either in the same size as the cover or one size larger, while down or feather-filled inserts can also be purchased. Personally, I prefer to fill our 60cm patio cushion covers with duck feather inserts for use in our bedroom and lounge room. Check out inners for polyester infill or outdoor use.